A kitchen with LEF

VIERNULVIER's kitchen follows the LEF principle:

  • Local: products that come from as near as possible
  • Ecological: maintaining a sustainable relationship to the environment
  • Fair trade: a fair price for everyone in the food supply chain

As much as we can, we use quality, fresh and organic products that are as unprocessed as possible. We respect the classics but are equally keen to explore new paths, keeping a finger on the pulse of society.


A well-rounded menu, brimming with love and LEF. Discover what's on the menu below.

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In order to cook with LEF, VIERNULVIER is building an extensive network of suppliers who deal with food in a sustainable way. They are all gutsy people with their hearts in the right place.

Vooruit has its own brewed beer, Triomfbier, which is brewed by the renowned brasserie Dupont. This small family brewery from the Walloon town of Tourpes has been brewing various beers since 1844, including the widely known Saison Dupont. In addition to this beer and of course the Triomfbier, the Vooruit Café's menu includes the spicy and blond Moinette and the strong Bons Voeux.
Three adventurers found each other in a common passion for India and the Indian cuisine. They founded Food Travellers with the intention of giving you taste the richness of Indian spices. Vooruit's kitchen was happy to oblige. Food Travellers work with local farmers and grower cooperatives. By purchasing parts of the harvests, Food Travellers contribute to the success of local growers in the South.
Goedinge is an organic and self-harvesting farm located in Afsnee, near Ghent. Goedinge works according to the principles of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA): you buy a harvest share at the beginning of the season and then harvest vegetables for a year or pick up your package. Goedinge delivers vegetables to Vooruit, and does so fossil-free by boat across the Lys and Scheldt rivers. Everything fresh from the field, healthy and with a minimal footprint!
RoomeR is an (h)honest Ghent aperitif based on elderflower and a mix of secret herbs: be sure to taste it in the Vooruit Café! And RoomeR is pure nature: no preservatives or flavorings or colorings. RoomeR is made according to traditional methods and with care for quality. The company consciously chooses sustainable forms of economic activity. They invest in people and not in machines, and always opt for ecologically sound packaging and transport.
Het Hinkelspel produces and sells raw-milk, organic cheese. They process daily fresh milk into products with respect for tradition and craftsmanship. Het Hinkelspel works on a cooperative basis: sustainable and open cooperation between farmers, workers and customers is central. You can find their delicious cheeses in the Lousbergmarkt, in Sleidinge and in Vooruit of course. Give cheese a chance!
Organic ingredients, traditional methods, long resting and rising times, an enthusiastic team of skilled bakers, a modern bakery and above all a lot of passion and love for the trade. That, in a nutshell, is what De Trog stands for. Taste their delicious organic and artisan bread with a nice bowl of soup!


At the Vooruit Café, not only can you can try our glorious Triomfbier, you can buy some to take home as a present (to yourself or someone else). Triomfbier is our very own beer, brewed in partnership with the renowned Belgian brewery Dupont.

Vooruit and beer: a long history

Vooruit has always had a special relationship with beer; a lot of beer has been poured and consumed here over the past 100 years. What a lot of people don’t know, however, is that in the early 1900s Vooruit had its own brewery, producing a diverse range of beers, including its Uitzetbier, Bockbier and Triomfbier. To honour our 100th anniversary – which we celebrated from May to October 2013 – we decided to bring back our beloved Triomfbier. We gave our recipe an update and since then the amber-coloured beer has earned a permanent spot on our menu. 

"Cloudy orange-coloured beer with a fleeting white head. Excellent beer! Nose: has a floral hoppiness that's also present in other beers from Dupont. Taste: bitter and smoky." (ratebeer.com)