Guided tours

Ever wondered when this magnificent building was constructed? How Vooruit survived the First and Second World War? How this building escaped its possible fate as a parking lot in the seventies? How many people worked here throughout the last century? How many rooms there are in the building – was it 365, 366 or 367?

The answer to all these and many other questions is revealed during our guided tours! A seasoned Vooruit specialist takes you (in a group or as individuals) on a trip through both the building and its turbulent history. From backstage to front of stage, tower to basement: every corner of this iconic building comes with its own anecdotes and stories.

In addition to getting a closer look at the more well-known rooms, such as the Theaterzaal or the Concertzaal, the guide takes you to places that are generally off-limits: rehearsal spaces, hidden attics, a remarkable little tower with a splendid view on Ghent … There’s lots and lots to discover, that much we can guarantee. For more information, please contact rondleiding@vooruit.be.


We monthly offer guided Dutch tours for individuals. All info and tickets can be found via our calendar. For more information, please contact info@vooruit.be.

Tailor-made tours

Contact Tine Theunissen via publiekswerking@viernulvier.gent for a tailor-made tour (English or French tours are possible).


Foreign-language tours

Thousands of people explored all the hidden corners of the Vooruit building last season. These tours were mainly in Dutch but occasionally in English. For the past two seasons we have also offered foreign-language tours, and we’ll be continuing this in the new season. We’ll take you from the deepest bowels of the building to the highest tower, with tours available in Polish, Arabic or another language of your choice.

How does it work? We put on these foreign-language tours in collaboration with various organisations to allow more people to discover the Vooruit. Are you part of an organisation that works with foreign language speakers? Get in touch and we’ll organise a tailored tour. You provide the interpreter and we provide an experienced guide. Contact publiekswerking@viernulvier.gent for all the details. 

Netwerk Open Monumenten

VIERNULVIER is partner in het Netwerk Open Monumenten. Zo wil VIERNULVIER samen met het netwerk, iedereen warm maken voor erfgoed en het bezoek aan monumenten. Leden van Open Monumenten kunnen op vertoon van hun lidkaart

Lid worden van Open Monumenten kan via openmonumenten.be.