Residencies PLATFORM

As an arts institution, VIERNULVIER supports artists in various ways. VIERNULVIER residents are at the center of our artistic programme for the oncoming seasons and their projects are regularly included in our seasons and festivals.


VIERNULVIER offers several studios that accommodate different artists throughout the seasons. These residents can count on us for rehearsal spaces and catering.


As an Arts Institution, VIERNULVIER commits to supporting artists, companies and organizations on a long-term basis for a period of several years as well. VIERNULVIER residencies are at the center of a season's artistic program, and their projects and performances appear at festivals. They can count on technical, production and financial support from VIERNULVIER.


Every season, VIERNULVIER invites residents to further develop their work at De Vooruit. Of course, this comes with concrete financial and production support, which always depends on the type of work they create. Our residents are local and international artists and companies, who find their way into the program in the 10X10 performances, the Music Residency Shows, as Writer in Residence and the Open Atelier.