Greenhouse Talent
  • Thu 30.01
    20:00 - 22:00

The unique live performance of Noordkaap, which caused a furor in the 1990s with more than a dozen hits, is as powerful as ever almost a quarter century after the Dutch-language group with singer Stijn Meuris ended.

Classics such as "Panamarenko," "Een Heel Klein Beetje Oorlog," "Wat Is Kunst," "Satellite Suzy," "Het Zou Niet Mogen Zijn," "Busy In Leuven" and the national heritage "Ik Hou Van U" also ensured that several generations of fans felt engaged and moved at recent concerts.

Last summer, they performed on dozens of stages across the country and closed their festival summer with a blistering performance at the OLT Rivierenhof. In April, Noordkaap will also play no less than four times in a sold-out Depot with a series of 'Busy in Leuven' concerts. This spring it will also be exactly thirty years since the single 'Druk In Leuven' was the precursor to the album 'Gigant', with which Noordkaap broke through to a wider audience.

Theater tour 2024-2025: WINTERTHUR

After this summer, Noordkaap will begin their WINTERTHUR theater tour for seated audiences - and those concerts will be different. A set of songs that were sometimes not featured at past concerts (you could call it a rich body of work), a different setting and an experience: electric but different. And at least as intense.