Vooruit is a protected, hundred-year-old listed building with many floors, staircases and hidden corners. We try as much as possible to make our events and all the different spaces accessible for people with disabilities. If you have a disability, it's always good to let us know when you reserve your ticket. During events we will be happy to have a member of staff guide you to your place. 

Box Office
+32 9 267 28 28
Opening hours: tue till fri from 12:00 till 18:00

European Disability Card

People with disabilities - and their companions - can take advantage of the discounted rate with the European Disability Card. This card is an instrument to facilitate access of persons with disabilities to culture, sports and leisure activities. Request your free card here.

Persons with visual impairments

Audio description & introductory feel tour

VIERNULVIER provides audio description and/or an introductory feel tour whenever and wherever possible. Audio description is a technique whereby a performance becomes accessible to persons with visual impairments. Headphones provide additional information about what is happening on stage, and what does not come across clearly from dialogues. Before the performance we provide a short introduction and the actors introduce themselves. That way you immediately know which voice belongs to which character.

If it makes sense for the experience of a performance and is feasible for the company, VIERNULVIER organizes a feeling tour on stage itself. You can touch the set and props at that time. That way you know what the audio description refers to during the performance.

Smoother surfing on with AnySurfer

AnySurfer is a national project of Blindenzorg Licht en Liefde vzw (BLL), a service organization for the blind and visually impaired in Flanders and Brussels. AnySurfer aims to make the digital world more accessible to people with disabilities, without losing sight of smooth use for everyone. By following the AnySurfer checklist to achieve the label, becomes more accessible for everyone

Persons with motor disabilities

Accessibility entrance hall & ticket desk

You will find a push button at the entrance to the entrance hall, which takes you directly into the entrance hall. In the entrance hall there is also an elevator to reach the Ballroom and Cathedral Hall. The ticket counter has a lowered section, making it easier for people in wheelchairs to order tickets or ask for information.

Accessibility rooms 

Each hall is accessible to persons with wheelchairs, accompanied by a VIERNULVIER staff member. Through our elevators, we can get everyone where they need to be. If we are aware of your disability, we can also hold an appropriate seat - usually in the front row - for you. There is also a toilet near each venue that is adapted for people in wheelchairs. 

Accessibility VIERNULVIER Café & Terrace

As a person in a wheelchair, it is easier to get to the VIERNULVIER Café via the entrance shaft - see above - and along the central staircase hall. The Café's toilets are accessible via the elevator in the entrance hall. The Terrace is accessible via the Café. There is a seamless passage without stairs there, where on the left is an elevator that takes you to the Terrace level (+1).

Accessibility tour

The tours are (mostly) accessible to persons in wheelchairs. Through elevators and ramps almost all rooms are accessible.

For specific questions regarding the accessibility of the Vooruit, feel free to email