Gents Slampioenschap 2024

Wie wordt de beste slamdichter van Gent?
VIERNULVIER, Vermeylenfonds & Podium Panache

Who will become Ghent's best slam poet?

Gents Slampioenschap is a recitation contest between poets, rappers and other word artists. Admission is free and everyone is welcome to watch or even participate, as long as you present your own work. Each participant will have three minutes to present their best text. Music and other props are prohibited. Both the jury and the audience will vote you into the next round(s). The winner is Ghent Slam Champion for a year and advances directly to the final of the Belgian Championship Poetry Slam!

The contest consists of two preliminary rounds and a final.

Preliminary round 1: Thursday 22 February in De Centrale

Preliminary round 2: Tuesday 12 March in Missy Sippy

Final: Tuesday 21 May in De Vooruit Balzaal

Het Gents Slampioenschap is een samenwerking tussen VIERNULVIER, Vermeylenfonds & Podium Panache met  met de steun van Stad Gent en Cultuur Gent.