Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast

For love or for money
  • Fri 05.04
    08:30 - 10:00
    Breakfast included
    De Vooruit - Foyer Theaterzaal

Who gets paid when it comes to performing in the arts?

VIERNULVIER and Gent 2030 invite you to this conversation where we will approach the sometimes thorny subject of the participation of non-professional, and amateur performers in the field of contemporary performing arts.

What is a fair exchange when it comes to arts participation?  
Can we talk about who gets paid, how much and why, and does it matter?   

Increasingly, some contemporary performance makers rely on the participation of non-professional performers in their professional work. At the same time, in the field of collaborative arts, we see a clear movement towards understanding collaborative practice as co-creation, where non-professional collaborators are understood to have co-authorship. Does this co-authorship extend to a shared equity in the financial understanding of the work?  

We will hear from the company of '24 Italian Songs and arias', Simon Allemeersch and other festival artists, and the team of GENT 2030, for whom participation and co-creation mark a major thread in their bid for Gent to become European Capital of Culture in 2030. They will explore how they approach the topic of payment and authorship in non-professional participation in the arts, thinking about renumeration and value in financial, but also social and artistic terms.  

How do we deal with the question "Who should be entitled to an 'economic benefit' from what we invest in 2030?"