Hatch presents:

Luigi Colzato / Mariam Rezaei / Evita Manji

19:30 - Doors
20:00 - Luigi Colzato (30')
20:45 - Mariam Rezaei (60')
22:00 - Evita Manji (60'

ꙅ ʜɔƚɒʜ ʜɔƚɒʜ ʜɔƚɒʜ


ḥ̴̨͉͓͎̱̯̾͂͑̍͠à̶̪̬͈̮̣͂̕t̴̻͖̞̱̺͉̯̄͌̉̑̾̿͜͝c̵̛͓̱̊̅̃̏͂h̶̻̅̆̌̋̐̉̇́̄͠ ̶͔̦͊̓̈́h̸̩̰̀à̴̛̛͇̼̱͓̺̰̯̪̖͇́͗̈́̕̚̕t̸̤̗̭̞̠̆͆̂̏͆͂͋͐c̷̢̣̤̯̗̱̰̝̓̿̽h̵̗̲̘̠̯͖͖͓͐̃͊̓͐̀͑̆͗̚͜ ̶̤͎͎̄̓̈͌̇̚ḩ̶̟̞͚̖́̀͌a̶̳̹̳̪̱͖͓̦̐͘͜t̵̻̹̬͇͍̲̝̼͈̾̉̽̊͑̆͌̚͝c̵̤̳̗̜͈̳͍̈́̒̓̈́̚ẖ̸̡̡̺̫̽̌̓̔ͅ ̸̦̯̞̬͈̯̭̿s̴̘͙̒̑̂̎̀́̕

For the launch of HATCH, artists go in search of everything that lives between the letters. PAN elf Evita Manji travels from Greece with post-club full of choral singing, whispers and distortion.

Newcastle-based Mariam Rezaei manipulates vinyl with the needle of her turntable, as well as the felt underneath. Inspired by the 'Dastgah' tonalities from Iran, she creates a new lexicon for her instrument, which veers between footwork, noise and free jazz.

Wevelgem's Luigi Colzato works on Hammond and 808: he builds whimsical pop out of offbeats. Throughout the Balzaal, visual artists, too, engage in dialogue. Can use tangible objects to imagine a world after our museums and churches have disappeared?

HATCH magazine was born out of the need for new thought about experimental music. It seeks out stories from diverse regions, creating support for musicians everywhere.

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‘HATCH looks for progress in music, from the U.K. and the Balkan to Latin-America and the Middle-East.’

Evita Manji

Athens-based musician and vocalist Evita Manji explores the intersection of human experience, climate change, quantum physics, and death. Using synthesis and sound design, guided by choir-inspired vocals, they craft musical realms with expanding sonic organisms and formless non-materials.

In 2021, Evita launched myxoxym, unveiling singles like "OIL/TOO MUCH" and "EYES/NOT ENOUGH," and curated the inaugural "PLASMODIUM I" fundraising compilation series to raise environmental awareness and support wildlife affected by Greek forest fires. Since their debut at Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC) in September 2021, Evita has performed across Europe and at festivals like Unsound, Borderline, Rhizom, and Lunchmeat, sharing the stage with Amnesia Scanner at the Convent of St. Agnes . Collaborating with diverse artists, they've showcased sound pieces at galleries such as Kunsthalle Basel (in partnership with Young Boy Dancing Group) and Saigon Athens.

Mariam Rezaei

Mariam Rezaei is a multi-award winning composer, turntablist and performer. She previously led experimental arts project TOPH, TUSK FRINGE and TUSK NORTH, and in November 2022, received the Paul Hamlyn Foundation #AwardsForArtists in recognition of her contribution to music composition. Her music has recently been described as ‘genuinely ground-breaking’ (London Jazz News 2022) and ‘high-velocity sonic surrealism’ (4* The Guardian 2022). Recent releases include ‘BOWN’ on Heat Crimes, 'SADTITZZ' and ‘SKEEN'. Recent performances include Turntable Trio with Evicshen and Maria Chávez at Counterflows/ REWIRE 2023, and as soloist and co-composer of ‘6 Scenes for Turntables and Orchestra’ with Matt Shlomowitz for ICTUS/Frankfurt Radio Orchestra, for the final concert at IM Darmstadt 2023.

Luigi Colzato 

Luigi Colzato is the stage name of Louis Coolsaet from Wevelgem. VI.be describes him as follows: 

"Acting as his own therapist, Luigi Colzato makes his problems dance. 808s, Hammond organ, a young man with Kanye-confidence and still the voice of Johan Museeuw".

Dancing Bears also saw him at work during the preliminary round at Wild West:

"For about twenty minutes we floated in the fragile and dark world of Luigi Colzato. What did it sound like musically? At first it sounded like a melodramatic trip with a good portion of bass. Then the high notes were replaced by darker melodies and the mysterious vocals turned into a cry for help".