James Holden (live) / Hieroglyphic Being (with special guest Bear Bones, Lay Low)

  • 20:00 Doors
  • 20:45 Hieroglyphic Being feat. Bear Bones, Lay Low
  • 22:00 James Holden

Londoner James Holden is an electronic musician with a multi-faceted career spanning two decades. He is a producer, remixer, DJ, synth expert, bandleader, audio engineer, software developer and record label owner. Musically, Holden moves between trance and progressive house to minimal techno, IDM, synth and jazz.

Holden's career began on the commercial side of dance: at the age of nineteen, he released the 12-inch trance classic "Horizons." An international career as a DJ and remixer followed, working with artists such as Madonna, Britney Spears, Radiohead, New Order and Depeche Mode. He also founded his own label Border Community. In 2013, the album "The Inheritors" marked a shift in his career: he stopped DJing and focused on live performances with a modular synth-rig, accompanied by live drums and sax.

Fast forward to 2023: Holden has a solo album out with the ringing title "Imagine This Is A High Dimensional Space Of All Possibilities," a studio collage of rave music. The album is something of a reconciliation with his musical past, combining elements from his 20-year career. Holden describes it as his most open and uncensored record. "It's like a dream of rave, a fantasy about a transformative music culture."

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Hieroglyphic Being (with special guest Bear Bones, Lay Low)

Producer and boss of Mathematics records, Chicago's Jamal Moss a.k.a Hieroglyphic Being is a one-off musical explorer. Jamal's music takes cues from the EBM and House that played a huge part in the city's musical underground in the late eighties and early nineties, notably Ron Hardy and Adonis, but also Industrial, Avant-Jazz and Noise.

His tireless schedule of rough low-key releases over the last 12 years and his intense, very physical, psychedelic music, have made him a key exponent or maybe even a pioneer of what's recently come to be named 'Outsider House', although he prefers the more Sun-Ra like descriptors of 'Rhythmic Cubism' and 'Cosmic Be-Bop'.

His releases, much like his music, have straddled House labels and the more leftfield avant garde electronic imprints with ease. However his deeply held Afrofuturist intent and the discipline of his radical designs set him apart from the pack. Always moving forward, his music is an ever-evolving transmission from his mind to our bodies, or as he sees it, a form of meditation that the supple, tuned listener will enjoy immensely.

February 2024 will see the release of 'Quadric Surfaces' on VIERNULVIER RECORDS, a soundtrack he composed for the films of Gabriela González Rondon.

"'Parallel Spheres & Figures in Mynd' shows the dual aspect of a single moment. 'Parallel Spheres' is an observation of the physical properties of a timeless location: abstract topography and distorted landscapes offer the only information about this exotic and inhospitable territory. In "Figures in Mynd," the intrinsic mythology of the turf unfolds wordlessly. Only eyes willing to listen and ears willing to see will be able to enter these hyperreal entities through the symbolism." - Gabriela González Rondon