Mallika Taneja

'Do You Know This Song?'
  • Fri 17.05
    20:00 - 22:00
    De Vooruit - Domzaal
  • Sat 18.05
    20:00 - 22:00
    met audiodescriptie + voeltoer
    De Vooruit - Domzaal

Tijdens de voorstelling van 18 mei wordt een voeltoer en een audiodescriptie voorzien. Wil je inschrijven voor de voeltoer of heb je vragen?

This is a piece about loss and grief. 
This is also a piece about love, finding voice and singing. 

Following her widely acclaimed video performance 'Allegedly,' performer and creator Mallika Taneja delves deep into her past in search of a voice lost many years ago. The theatrical performance 'Do You Know This Song?' is the second part of a trilogy about grief and mourning.   

With her harmonium, a microphone and puppets, the artist casts a nostalgic look back to her childhood and family life when she was a child. She begins a search for the person she lost. Who was she? Where did she go and most importantly, why did she get lost? In the process, she finds her own voice and learns to sing with it. 

Slowly but surely, we gain insight into the restrictive, traditional role of women in Indian society. Through her personal archive, Taneja paints a portrait of gender relations in India. With singing, she tries to find back what was lost.

“Bijzonder gelaagde ode aan alle vrouwenstemmen die niet hebben geklonken”


Performance, presentation, direction: Mallika Taneja - dramaturgy: Hansa Thapliyal - lighting design: Sangeet Shrivastava - sound design: Chayan Adhikari - stage decor: Sangeet Shrivastava, Hansa Thapliyal, and Vijay Kate, Tanuj Arora - text collaboration: Rajesh Nirmal - production: Aman Mohammadi, Dhrishti Chawla, Rishika Kaushik - puppet maker: Aman Mohammadi, Dhrishti Chawla - songbook design: Bindhumalini N - tailoring: Muzammil, Praveen Kumar - with the voices of: Banwari Taneja, Bindhumalini N, Chayan Adhikari, Kajal Ghosh, Nadeera Zaheer Babbar, Sudha Thapliyal, Suhasini Taneja, Sunanda Achar.

The piece is based on interviews and conversations with Banwari Taneja, Elizabeth Achar, Geetika Thapliyal, Hansa Thapliyal, Kajal Ghosh, Maude Gonsalves, Nadira Zaheer Babbar, Nandini Guha Rajagopal, Oona Gupta, Raj Babbar, Sudha Thapliyal, Suhasini Taneja, Sunanda Achar.

Co-production: The WEB network: La Maison de la danse CDCN Uzès Gard Occitanie, WPZimmer, Beursschouwburg, Black Box Teater, Tanzquartier Wien, Frascati Productions, LES SUBS - Lyon (FR), Points communs - Nouvelle Scène nationale de Cergy-Pontoise / Val d’Oise. As well as Kaserne Basel, Zürcher Theater Spektakel, Nationaltheater Mannheim, SPIELART Theaterfestival.