Ottla + SUWI

  • Wed 15.05
    19:30 - 22:45

As a counter-reaction to the agitation and chaos of modern life, SUWI sets simple structures, airy melodies and breathy grooves.

SUWI has an appealing, sensitive energy. They keep it simple with nimble melodies and casual grooves and overwhelm you with fire and silence. Think Jimi Hendrix and Connan Mockasin. They trigger your visual imagination from their universe of blue and pink.

The friendship between the three is much older, but their musical Eureka came five years ago at a magical improv session in their hometown of Ghent. Since then, they have been winning audiences at festivals, club shows, as well as the most intimate settings in Belgium and Portugal.

Their first album SUMI (2020) was the product of a live session. This success was quickly followed by a second album French with Simona (2021). The release of their third album Playing for Oscar is scheduled for spring 2024.

Featuring members of Nordmann, Kosmo Sound and Robbing Millions.



Ottla is a bird that not only sings beautifully, but also flaps and squawks powerfully. Also known as a band Bert Dockx formed to play together once in honor of the 25th anniversary of the Jazz Lab concert series. Fortunately, Dockx and the musicians he gathered for that anniversary sextet soon found much enthusiasm and more opportunities to play together. What initially seemed like a fleeting experiment turned into composing, rehearsing and the self-titled debut album Ottla (2019) in 2019. 

Now Ottla is back with its follow-up, called Bird (release date April 12, 2024). The window flies open, the sun burns. Fluttering and wailing in jazz-improv-electro-noise-prog-afro-blues-groove-punk-krautrock, Ottla, true to its Kafkaesque nature, transforms once again and the quartet begins to further develop the compositions with an even richer language.