Mdou Moctar / Psychonaut / Ronker

  • Sat 30.11
    20:30 - 00:45
    De Vooruit - Concertzaal

20:30 - doors
21:00 - band tba 
22:00 - Psychonaut
23:15 - Mdou Moctar
Exact timings are tba

The European booking agency TOUTPARTOUT is blowing out thirty candles in 2024 and that will be celebrated with a weekend full of great artists and bands in their home base Ghent. 

Mdou Moctar

Mdou Moctar is considered one of the most innovative artists in contemporary Tuareg music. His work is a furious combination of desert blues, hard guitars, field recordings, drum rhythms, and poetic meditations on love, religion, and women's rights, along with engaged statements on inequality and political themes in turbulent West Africa. Moctar is known for his virtuosic guitar playing and innovative sound, pushing the boundaries of Tuareg music. This has earned him the status of one of the most respected guitarists in the world.


Psychonaut, with their emotional, melodic mix of stoner, hard rock, and sludge metal, is becoming a flagship of Belgian music. In short, they deliver a punch to the gut. While other psychedelic music often falls into repetition, Psychonaut creates atmosphere in other ways. The accompanying vocals discuss topics such as spirituality and philosophy.


RONKER is not the first state-of-the-art speednoise band to ever exist, but they are the first ones to coin the term. Formed in 2020 in the heart of the swamplands of Belgium the band comes naturally weathered and screaming bloody murder. RONKER’s music can be described as a mix between Danzig-era Misfits and Helmet, equally influenced by the earliest of hardcore-punk and 90’s alternative guitar music. The band just released their debut album “Fear Is A Funny Thing, Now Smile Like A Big Boy” on Labelman.