GEANNULEERD: Mette Ingvartsen

  • Fri 19.04
    20:00 - 21:20
    Arsenaalsite / hal 8 (Brusselsesteenweg 602, 9050 Gentbrugge)
  • Sat 20.04
    18:00 - 19:20
    Arsenaalsite / hal 8 (Brusselsesteenweg 602, 9050 Gentbrugge)
  • Sun 21.04
    18:00 - 19:20
    Arsenaalsite / hal 8 (Brusselsesteenweg 602, 9050 Gentbrugge)

Contemporary dance on wheels

It is with great regret that we have to cancel this performance last-minute.  Due to the highly volatile weather and the fragility of the performance, we cannot sufficiently guarantee the safety of the dancers. Ticket holders will be notified via email. We apologise for the inconvenience.

In her latest performance, Danish choreographer and dancer Mette Ingvartsen brings the skate park to the Arsenaal site.  A  group of skaters and dancers explore the speed and energy of movement on wheels. On the rhythms of dark beats, we watch skaters seek freedom with ollies, kickflips and backsides.


Concept & choreography: Mette Ingvartsen
With: Damien Delsaux, Manuel Faust, Aline Boas, Mary-Isabelle Laroche, Sam Gelis, Fouad Nafili, Júlia Rúbies Subirós, Thomas Bîrzan, Briek Neuckermans, Indreas Kifleyesus, Arthur Vannes, Camille Gecchele and local skaters
Choreographic assistant: Michaël Pomero
Sound design: Anne van de Star and Peter Lenaerts
Lighting design: Minna Tiikkainen
Dramaturgy: Bojana Cvejić
Costumes: Jennifer Defays
Music: Felix Kubin, Mord Records, Why the eye, sonaBLAST! Records, Rrose, The Fanny Pads, Restive Plaggona
Scenography: Pierre Jambé/Antidote
Technical design set: Stéphane Thonnard
Construction set: Construction workshop of Théâtre National Bruxelles: Joachim Pochet, Joachim Hesse, Pierre Jardon, Yves Philippaerts, Andrea Messana, Boyd Gates
Technical direction: Hans Meijer
Sound technicians: Milan Van Doren, Yrjänä Rankka, Filip Vilhelmsson
Lighting technicians: Bennert Vancottem, Jan-Simon De Lille
Supervisor kids: Billie Meeussen, Victor Perez Hernandez
Production and administration officer: Joey Ng
Production: Oihana Azpillaga Camio
Communication: Jeroen Goffings
Management: Ruth Collier

Production: Great Investment vzw