Album release
  • Tue 09.04
    20:00 - 22:30

The deadly duo of Tim The Caster (Amenra, Every Stranger Looks Like You) and Sigfried Burroughs (Kapitan Korsakov, PAARD., The K.) is sometimes a hip-hop act for a few moments, a finger snap later a grunge band, only to transform into a full-blown sludge/hardcore steamroller.

Under the motto "Great songs are great songs," the gentlemen explore musical genres to their heart's content, without really committing to one style. In doing so, they invariably start from ubertight drums and a bass guitar drenched in reverb coupled with the ability to flip the dynamics mid-song in the blink of an eye.

retestrakke drums en een basgitaar die in een vat reverb is gevallen

Doodseskader not only draws inspiration from great bands of the past, but also enjoys discovering new artists from all corners of the globe, sharing an open mindset with genre-defying trailblazers such as Show Me The Body, Ghostemane and Ho99o9. add to their latest record with more detail to add even more depth and dynamics to their crushing mix.


Belgians Tusais and Slotho are WATERGRUWELS. The gentlemen have released the ten-track album "WATERGRUWELS VOL. 1". The track "TROON VAN GORT" features a guest contribution from HADDADI. Productions come from Tusais and Slotho themselves, mastering was done by Cloos.