Forced Entertainment

Signal to Noise
  • Fri 15.11
    20:00 - 21:20
  • Sat 16.11
    20:00 - 21:20

There seems to be a problem, a problem with the connection…

An upbeat spectacle which is slowly breaking apart, 'Signal to Noise' summons a delirious late-night churn of fragments – dances, rehearsals, altercations, scenery changes and unexpected weather reports. AI voices are enlisted to perform the text – their unreal chatter and patter mixing interior monologues, unfinished jokes and off-topic interviews. It all sounds right, more or less human, more or less real. What could go wrong?

The six performers lip-sync all the voices, sometimes carefully, sometimes with unhelpful abandon, bringing life to these disembodied, never-bodied speakers. In the process they summon a strange and compelling world where the question of what’s human and what’s not, what’s real life and what’s just pretending is never far away.

Etchells' musical score mixes everything from filmic atmospheres to noise, xylophones to slowed classical strings, beats, trumpets, grunge guitars, and birdsong, but as ever with the company, the performers are the heart of the work - animating it with the energy and inventiveness that Forced Entertainment have made their calling card.

Created as the group celebrate their 40th Birthday, the show is a powerful mix of performance magic and off-hand deconstruction, a simple idea unfolded to open a unique space for the thoughts, laughter and reflections of spectators.

Human encounter

Conceived and devised by the company 

Director: Tim Etchells - Devised and Performed by: Robin Arthur, Seke Chimutengwende, Richard Lowdon, Claire Marshall, Cathy Naden and Terry O’Connor - Dramaturgy: Tyrone Huggins - Lighting Design: Nigel Edwards - Text: Tim Etchells - Music & Sound Design: Tim Etchells - Design: Richard Lowdon - Production Management: Jim Harrison - Touring Technical Manager: Alex Fernandes - Forced Entertainment Artistic Team: Tim Etchells (Artistic Director), Robin Arthur, Richard Lowdon (Designer), Claire Marshall, Cathy Naden and Terry O’Connor - Forced Entertainment Management Team: Deborah Chadbourn (Co-Executive Director), Eileen Evans (Co-Executive Director), Jim Harrison (Touring Producer & Production Manager), Jessica Matthews (Participation Producer) - Marketing: Caroline Griffin Consultancy - Press: Bread & Butter PR

Forced Entertainment is an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation.