Mattias De Craene


Mattias De Craene, Belgian saxophonist, composer and producer, is a member of Nordmann and frontman of trance-inducing trio MDCIII. Mattias is currently touring Europe and beyond, both as a solo musician as well as with MDCIII. He is also a regular sidekick with Dijf Sanders and Sylvie Kreusch.

In his solo project, Mattias De Craene takes the contemplative, cinematic route. This results in a more experimental, but cinematic sound that oscillates between minimalism and melancholy. He manages to convey his story in a language of his own, using his sax, tape loops and an electronica setup. He released a first EP 'MATTIASDECRAENE' in 2020 and his first full album 'Patterns For (A) Film' in 2022.