Kozmotron (BE)

Dunk!Festival 2024 - Day 1

--- Grand Vizir's log, stardate ??/05/2024 ---

Ten earth years ago...

The sonic starcruiser Kozmotron was groovily truckin' along on its voyage beyond event horizon.
It was just passing by an obscure body in the SK system, referred to by the inhabitants as the planet "Earth",
when for reasons unknown, the ship's diatonic propulsion unit suffered a catastrophic failure.

All navigational control was lost and emergency protocols were initiated.
The crew, still hibernating in their stasis pods, were ejected and scattered in all directions.
All personnel survived the devastating crash, but the mothership was disintegrated beyond repair.
The Kozmotronauts found themselves stranded on a weird blue planet, without any means of phoning home.

Luckily, with the crucial support of the local Alien Underground, they were able to regroup and establish basic HQ operations on their new home planet.
Now, one decade later, they continue broadcasting eclectic musical messages of love and positive vibrations...


As part of the 2024 festival programme, we’re offering our own space odyssey, and we’re calling all Kosmonauts to gather for a what promises to be an unforgettable experience. Kozmotron is not a band; it’s a force of nature that defies classification and genre labels. It is music at its purest form, a desire for experimentation and self-discovery, a constant strive for evolution and inner-search. If you’re a local, then you know you’re in for something spectacularly unique, if you’re not, fret not, as you’ll soon be familiar with Kozmotron’s signature sound and uniquely weird universe. The band has made a name for themselves in the Belgian underground for their immersive live shows blending psychedelic rock, jazz, and free improvisation with a healthy dose of space-wandering post-rock, but that’s not all! Playing in astronaut costumes surrounded by lights and props, Kozmotron truly go above and beyond to provide an interactive live set, a feast for the ears but eyes too. And just like with any band that is best enjoyed live, it goes without saying that we had to add them to the bill! 

    • Thu 09.05
      Sat 11.05
      From 13:00
      > 3 Day Combi Ticket EARLY BIRD SOLD OUT
      De Vooruit
    • Thu 09.05
      14:00 - 23:59
      Day 1 - single day ticket
      De Vooruit
    • Fri 10.05
      14:00 - 23:59
      Day 2 - single day ticket
      De Vooruit
    • Sat 11.05
      14:00 - 23:59
      Day 3 - single day ticket
      De Vooruit