Gouvernement is a nomadic platform grown out of the eponymous arts centre formerly based in Ghent. Focussed on supporting a diverse range of makers in their early stage trajectories, it emphasises cross-disciplinarity and cherishes a trial-and-error-approach. Regardless of where it operates from, by setting up broad collaborations Gouvernement aims to explore made-to-measure ways of artistic development and presentation.

Gouvernement is currently working on Night Shift and NWNM (Nomadic Workspace for New Masters).

Night Shift is a nomadic project creating an artistic playground in an established art organisation or institution. Artists from different disciplines can present work in an informal setting and make collective use of the eclectic, public platform provided by Gouvernement and the partners involved. As actions and interventions succeed each other swiftly, they intertwine and interconnect with the building, the public and each other.

Nomadic Workspace for New Masters is a residency programme fully dedicated to the (individual) artists, their practice and their needs for development. With the artists as its principal compass, every residency is made according to the particular requirements expressed by the artists in order to offer them the appropriate support.