Ultima Vez / Wim Vandekeybus - 'TRACES’ © Danny Willems


Nothing for everyone, something for everybody

This spring we have another packed programme for you, full of exciting performances, cool concerts, phenomenal dance productions, fascinating festivals, challenging debates and so much more. 

We welcome (inter)national artists such as MOTUS, Gorges Ocloo, Martin Zimmerman, Femke Gyselinck, Grip & Platform-K.

Returning at The Vooruit: cult icon Peaches and the festival ‘WOMEN AND CHILDREN FIRST’, for this third edition we’re focusing on the theme of re-enchantment. Think magic, mythology, rituals, spirituality and contemporary witchcraft.

Not to be missed: the new Ultima Vez show ‘TRACES’, for which Wim Vandekeybus drew inspiration from an eye-opening trip to Romania. BERLIN concludes its ‘Holocene Cycle’ with the theatre film ‘The making of Berlin’ – highly acclaimed by the international press. And with the pop theatre gem ‘Mein Gent’, Alain Platel, Frank Van Laecke and Steven Prengels finally bring a long-held dream to the stage.

In a collaboration with MIRY Concertzaal, we’re also expanding our RUISKAMER series of minimalist and experimental concerts. By now you must have heard about VIERNULVIER Records? Well, we’re already dropping our second record in March! As usual, this year’s OUT THE FRAME festival poster is adorned with exciting names from experimental hip-hop and underground. And all this is just for starters: our music programme will continue to expand with new concerts being announced as the year goes on.

In short: nothing for everyone, something for everybody!


Out of solidarity, VIERNULVIER introduces the ‘pay what you can’ principle: you choose the amount to pay for your ticket, based on three different tariffs. If you can afford the higher ticket price, you’ll be helping others pay less. We hope that, in this way, we can help to make our shows more accessible for everyone. VIERNULVIER looks forward to welcoming and surprising you all with what we’ve got planned.

This booklet below offers a look ahead to the highlights of our spring 2023 programme.
Consider yourself very welcome to VIERNULVIER, both at De Vooruit and our partner venues!