It's raining international collaborations at VIERNULVIER.
We are pleased to announce a new collaboration between VIERNULVIER and Danube Festival.

On April 28, a new AV show by Rojin Sharafi and épong will premiere at the festival in Austria. This brand new co-production promises to be an interactive musical journey that fuses hardcore club aesthetics with the sound of delicate acoustic instruments, spoken word and processed human voices.

The visual component is a collaboration between visual artist and musician Jonathan Cant and épong. With the sudden emergence of real time 3D rendering via open source motion tracking, lighting effects and Unreal engine. 

VIERNULVIER is proud to see this wonderful project, which began a few years ago in collaboration with Gouvernement, move further into the stratosphere. 

Early birds for Danube Festival now available, edoch you don't have to trek all the way there! Of course, you can also expect to see this show in Ghent later this year.