Focus on Palestina

Even after our benefit for civilian victims in Gaza last autumn, VIERNULVIER continues to keep the focus on Palestine. Find out here what actions are in the pipeline and how you can participate.

In our debate series De Arena, the March 27 edition is about war law. Our regular panel Walter Van Steenbrugge and Yasmien Naciri will be joined by Minister of Development Cooperation and Metropolitan Policy Caroline Gennez & professor of war law VUB / UGent Chris De Cock. Lisbeth Imbo moderates. 

'Dear Laila' by Basel Zaraa is a beautifully intimate, interactive installation for 1 visitor per time slot. It tells the Palestinian experience of displacement and resistance through the story of a family. In 'Dear Laila,' their place - which has since been destroyed - comes back to life through memories and tactile details.

'OM ( أُمّ , mother)' is a photo series by Barbara Debeuckelaere in collaboration with the women of 8 Palestinian families in Tel Rumeida, Hebron, one of the most explosive places in the West Bank. This book will be presented April 17 in the Theater Hall. Attendance is free. 

In the VIERNULVIER café, we serve delicious desserts and pastries from Nour, originating from Gaza. The proceeds from these delicacies will support families in Palestine. On the menu: Kunafeh, Basboussa, Aish-el-Saraya, and filled triangles (Kullaj)!