Out The Frame in Ghent and also in Amsterdam this year

On April 1, 2023, there will be a satellite edition of our 'Out The Frame' festival in Amsterdam.
'Out The Frame' (a production of Belgian Arts Center VIERNULVIER and All Eyes On Hip Hop) has been bringing the best of the underground to Ghent every year since 2018, ranging from mutated hip hop to experimental soul. Out The Frame, Ghent, continues on Saturday, March 25, at Kunstencentrum VIERNULVIER.

On April 1, 2023, Out The Frame will be a co-production of VIERNULVIER, STUK, All Eyes on Hip Hop, the Brakke Grond, and Melkweg Amsterdam and focuses on the exchange of artists across national borders.

At the Brakke Grond, Antwerp-based musician Youniss will perform. In the Melkweg, Delish Da Goddess and Kleine Crack & Slagter will play. 

Youniss, Delish Da Goddess & Kleine Crack & Slagter will play at Out The Frame Gent and Out The Frame Amsterdam.


Part of the program takes place at the Brakke Grond with the premiere of Youniss; the walk-in is at 18:30. After this event, the program continues at the Melkweg. The program with Delish Da Goddess and Kleine Crack & Slagter starts at 20:30 in the Melkweg. The walk-in is at 20:00. The full lineup will be announced soon.

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