From 22 until 27.11

The world is on fire, there's a war at our borders, an energy crisis, climate change and still we are organising parties and dancing. WTF...!

WTF...! is a festival that invites you to artistically explore the five foundational f?cks:

Who the f?ck? -> identity
What the f?ck? -> ontology
Where the f?ck? -> space, place & belonging
When the f?ck? -> history & inheritance
Why the f?ck? -> existentiality

We are inviting artists across the disciplines of dance, theatre, performance, music, video and text to help orient us (and themselves) in discovering who, what, where, when and why the f!ck we think we are: as individuals, as creatives, as an organisation, as a society, to each other and through each other. Expect more questions than answers! 

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Gaan via hun performances mee op zoek naar een antwoord op de vijf fundamentele f?cks: