Contribute by making a donation to the Emergency Fund, or by taking part in one of our actions: buy a ticket for the Use Knife benefit concert, come and eat at our café, buy a riso print or pick up the new Use Knife single.

VIERNULVIER supports the international call for a cease-fire

VIERNULVIER has long presented and (co)produced work by Palestinian and Israeli artists and worked with artists in Ramallah and Haifa. The mass violence against civilians, the resulting hurt lives and the lack of political decisiveness to stop violations of international law make us angry. Something is wrong with humanity.

VIERNULVIER supports the international call for a cease-fire and concurs with the words of António Guterres, United Nations Secretary-General:

"Nothing can justify killing, wounding and taking civilians hostage or firing rockets at civilian targets. All hostages must be treated humanely and released immediately and unconditionally.

It is also important to recognize that Hamas' attacks do not occur in a vacuum. The Palestinian people have suffered under a suffocating occupation for 56 years. Their land is relentlessly occupied by settlements and ravaged by violence. Their economy is curtailed, their people displaced and their homes destroyed.

I am very concerned about the gross violations of international humanitarian law in Gaza. Protecting civilians does not mean, ordering more than one million people to evacuate to the south when there is no shelter, food, water, medicine and fuel there, and then continuing to bomb the south.

Even at this point, we must not lose sight of the only realistic basis for real peace and stability: a two-state solution. Israelis must see their need for security realized, as well as the Palestinians' legitimate desire for an independent state."

VIERNULVIER shows its solidarity by giving attention in its program to the events in Israel and Palestine and by organizing actions to benefit Oxfam Belgium's emergency fund for Gaza. This has so far yielded €29,545.

Make a donation to the Emergency Fund (with tax certificate) or participate in one of the many actions, such as the benefit at NTGent's colleagues which is coming up soon.


Friday 20.10.2023 - Proceeds from release of new single 'Sowieso F***ed' by Use Knife for Emergency Fund for Gaza

Belgian/Iraqi band Use Knife releases 'Sowieso F***ed' or 'F***ed على أي حال', an anthem about 'ten little wanderers', who are looking for a new home. The song counts down undisturbed until all the wanderers, newcomers, outsiders, aliens, squatters, strangers and trespassers disappear in a deafening noise.

Radwan Ghazi Moumneh (Jerusalem in my Heart) mixed the track and Youniss Ahamad deconstructed his live visuals into distorted video loops to accompany this sing-along.

'Sowieso F***ed' is a digital release, but the amazing artwork by graphic designer Farah Fayyad can be ordered and worn as a t-shirt.

Use Knife itself is donating the proceeds from this release and accompanying t-shirt to Oxfam Belgium's Gaza Emergency Fund. VIERNULVIER is doubling those proceeds from its own resources. 


Use Knife's LP The Shedding of Skin was recently released under VIERNULVIER Records.

Use Knife is Stef Heeren, Kwinten Mordijck & Saif Al-Qaissy.

Risoprint for sale: The Hiccup Rendezvous

Palestinian artist Haitham Hadad, together with Sarah Yu Zeebroek, created the mural 'The Hiccup Rendezvous' on our terrace. The artwork is the result of Haitham and Sarah's collaboration that was part of an exchange between VIERNULVIER and the Palestinian artistic community. We had a limited number of exclusive A3-riso prints (Topo Copy) of the artwork printed. These prints will be sold at €20 to benefit the Gaza Emergency Fund.


Proceeds from VIERNULVIER kitchen to Emergency Fund for Gaza

From 20 October to 3 November 2023, we will donate all proceeds from our kitchen to the Emergency Fund for Gaza.  So be sure to stop by our café.