Ancienne Belgique, VIERNULVIER, Les Ardentes, Reflektor, VI.BE, Wallifornia and Wilde Westen have joined forces to create a new music network for innovation called Music Tech Belgium. Together we want to stimulate the technological innovation in the Belgian music industry.

Music Tech Belgium wants to motivate start-ups and entrepreneurs to think of new solutions for the challenges our music industry faces. We want to do this with an annual acceleration programme, an innovation summit, regular talks, networking events and pitching sessions. We’ll focus on themes such as reducing our carbon footprint, hybrid forms of concert experience, immersive sound and fair compensation for artists. 

Luc Nowé (VI.BE):

“As a foothold for artists and the music industry, we at VI.BE think it’s of the utmost importance to keep up with the latest trends and inspire the wider music field. By joining forces with Music Tech Belgium we become stronger and sharing knowledge will be much easier.”


The brand new network connects ambitious entrepreneurs with the right investors, governments or research institutions. By doing this we aim to shape a flourishing music tech scene that can carry weight on an international level.

Ward Cannaerts (AB):

“There are already tons of great innovative developments in our industry, but they are usually separate from each other and rarely shared. 

It feels like the right time to work together in a better and smarter way by combining forces on a national level.  This will increase the chance that bold ideas will get the support they deserve.”


Music Tech Belgium aims to grow and welcome new partners in the coming years. Read what we’ve got lined up over the next 12 months. 

  • 13th of October 2023 -  Panel discussion on ‘Building a MusicTech Ecoystem’ at Unwrap Festival (Kortrijk)
  • 4th of December 2023 - Panel discussion on ‘The impact of AI on the music sector’ at Ancienne Belgique (Brussels).
  • March/April 2024 - Networking event at Wintercircus (Gent)
  • May/June 2024 - ‘Acceleration Program’ of Wallifornia (Liège)
  • 2-4th of July 2024 - Wallifornia Music & Innovation Summit & Les Ardentes (Liège)