The Terrace Sessions

Established and starting artists, at the Terrace

Yes, at last! Finally we give the stage back to artists - with a live audience! The Terrace Sessions is a relaxed outdoor program happening at the Terrace. In the open air, in accordance with the current sanitary regulations. After all these months of waiting, we would like to invite you to join us. Welcome back!

On stage we invite starting and established artists with all kinds of experience: performance, theatre, stand-up, music, dance, spoken word, … At last, artists can finally re-enter the stage to perform live again. And to give anyone who is artistically talented a fair chance, Voo?uit launched an open call to gather artistic proposals.

The Terrace Sessions are free of charge and open to a maximum of fifty people, following the principle ‘first come, first serve’. The full summer programme will be announced within the next few weeks, but you can find the first dates and names here below. Of course, The Terrace Sessions are depending on the weather conditions and are thus subject to last minute changes. Keep an eye on our site and social media for last updates. 


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