MIAUX | Live Soundtrack ‘Carnival of Souls’ + Pieter Dudal & Natasha Pirard

Palmarium: concerten in de plantentuin
VIERNULVIER, Kunstmest, Democrazy & GUM
  • Thu 13.06
    20:00 - 23:00
    Plantentuin, Gent

20:00 - Doors open
21:00 - Show 1
22:00 - Show 2
Exact timings TBA

Born in Sarajevo, but based in Antwerp for some time now: MIAUX. Armed with a Casio, she makes minimalist and melancholic music. For the 2022 edition of VIDEODROOM, she provided the cult classic Carnival of Souls with a completely new score, which she performed live. Her new record 'Never Coming Back' - due out on the VIERNULVIER label in early May - is the precipitation of that soundtrack.

Mia Prce, originally from Sarajevo and a Belgian resident since 1989, was reared on a psychedelic diet of Krautrock and similarly serpentine music by her artist parents who were part of the Antwerp-based Ercola collective. MIAUX’s first musical crush happened during the tv reruns of Sarajevo’s 1984 Winter Olympics, where ski jumps on Mt. Igman were perfectly paired with Vangelis’ Chariots of Fire, set in the mass-melancholia of post Tito’s crumbling down of the golden Yugoslavian era. Getting her first mini synth at the age of 5, while surrounded by the soundtrack of her parents’ records, made her love for instrumental electronic music grow even more. After moving to Antwerp, Belgium in 1989, MIAUX grew up getting hooked on her father’s cassettes of kraut music, early electronica and loads of jazz. Graduating as a classical pianist, she was totally bummed out by the feeling of only reproducing other people’s music, she started writing her own compositions. In 2010, some self-dubbed tapes, holding 3 songs, lead to her first seven-inch on Dennis Tyfus’ Ultra Eczema label, who has continued to release most of her following ethereal recordings. Over the years she has also put out music on Lal Lal Lal, Feeding Tube Records and Edicoes CN. Videodroom festival Gent, invited MIAUX to compose a completely new score for Herk Harvey’s 1962 cult classic 'Carnival of Souls’. In which the original score’s church organs make way for MIAUX’ synthesiser. She performed the live score at Videodroom festival/ Film festival Gent, Belgium in October 2022 and Curtas Film festival 2023 in Portugal. MIAUX rearranged & recorded the compositions into 6 songs, which are to be released on vinyl & digitally as ‘Never Coming Back’ album on VierNulVier’s own record label on April 19th 2024.

Pieter Dudal & Natasha Pirard

Pieter Dudal is a sound artist from Ghent. Besides his own artistic work, he is also founder and curator of the labels Dauw and blickwinkel. His music is recognisable by its lo-fi melodies surrounded by slowly building sound textures, resulting in fragile electro-acoustic compositions. In 2021, he self-released his debut album 'Can you say it again'. New work will be released during 2024. Natasha Pirard's music is difficult to describe, but is made with a mix of analogue synths and tape loops, combined with acoustic instruments.