Palmarium: concerten in de plantentuin
VIERNULVIER, Kunstmest, Democrazy & GUM
  • Thu 30.05
    19:00 - 23:00
    Plantentuin, Gent

19:00 - Doors open
20:00 - Show 1
21:00 - Show 2
Exact timings TBA

A maestro of electric Balochi Benju. His virtuoso playing is rooted in Balochi musical forms and enriched by his knowledge of South Asian Raags.

Ustad Noor Bakhsh, from Balochistan, is known as a legendary instrumentalist in his region, but has since gained popularity globally. The maestro plays the Balochi Benju, a keyboard zither that was initially a Japanese children's toy and later evolved into a sophisticated folk instrument. Noor Bakhsh brings the metallic, plucked sound of the benju to life with an old pick-up and a small Phillips amplifier. The instrument creates a rhythmic, groovy feel that resembles the music of both West and East Africa in many ways.

"Totally full of spiritual energy," reads an interview on The Guardian. With his experimental style, then, he has taken inspiration like a sponge from various traditions, languages and musical forms from Balochistan and beyond. Thus, in addition to Persian and Kurdish tunes, you can hear renditions of popular and folk tunes, Bollywood favorites and even the bird and jungle sounds from his native village.

His debut album, Jingul, was released digitally in September 2022 and came out on vinyl on Sept. 15, 2023, via Britain's Hive Mind Records. Since then, he has been on a conquering tour of the Low Countries, with stopovers in the Netherlands and Belgium. Last fall, he already played in our capital and now he is coming to Ghent to delight audiences with his unique repertoire.


Hellvete is the alter ego of Glen Steenkiste. He earned his spurs in the past with the drone folk collective Silvester Anfang and the free psych band Sylvester Anfang II. Nowadays, the man is mostly into early minimalism and early folk music. Using harmonium and shruti box, during performances Steenkiste searches for a place where time and space seem to disappear. 

Steenkiste's music is like taking an endless shower of sun rays; warm, comforting and mind-blowing. Music that explores different details and textures, but strives for an all-absorbing whole.