Tuff Guac

support: The People's Pleasure Grounds
  • Thu 16.05
    19:30 - 22:15

Tuff Guac is the solo project of Rafael Valles Hilario, who, after overpowering many an underground stage in various garage punk venues, felt like doing something new. More pop, more melody, more sauce, and debut album Green and Handsome was delivered. It became a reverb-guzzling garage pop album with catchy hooks and lots of velcro-fuzz solos.

Also for the new record (to be released March 22, 2024) Raf dove into his analog studio alone, and came crawling out again with a ream of elastic soul songs and stretching rock 'n roll that will also manage to convince live. First single "Mr. Fear," is already a fuzzy catchy starter for the upcoming album. The brains behind the whole operation got the help of Wim De Busser (The Colorist Orchestra, Zita Swoon, Helmut Lott,...), Jasper Suys (Jerry Lada) and Gert-Jan Van Damme.

Tuff Guac shows are energetic, catchy and super danceable. They proved that in Belgium, not least in the final of Humo's Rock Rally 2022. Soon they will embark on a European Tour with the new album under their arms.

The People's Pleasure Grounds is like a vision to endless beaches with azure waves; a soundtrack to a trip to a lost paradise. With Jimmy de Kok at the helm, the band manages to transform many a venue and field into California scenes. Live, De Kok is joined by Malenzie Mac-Donald Jr., Gijs van der Heijden and Eno Aronds. Together they intoxicate the listener with a heavy dose of reverb guitars and dreamy vocals reminiscent of bands like Allah-Las and Babe Rainbow. With a first EP out and some very well-received live shows behind them, the future looks bright for this band.