Amenra, Slow Crush, Crouch

De 41 uur van Studio Brussel
VIERNULVIER, Democrazy & Studio Brussel
  • Sat 27.04
    17:30 - 21:45
    De Vooruit - Concertzaal


Started in the underground, today the high priests of Belgian metal: Amenra have always done it their own way and they will continue to do so. Never say just gig to their performances, the band behind 'A Solitary Reign' and '.Razoreater.' brings rituals full of symbolism and deep dark metal that will stick to the ribs for a long time to come.

Slow Crush

From Canada to Colombio, shoegazers fall for Slow Crush, or Belgium's most underrated guitar band. They don't play that often in their own country, so the 41 hours is a special chance to experience what Slow Crush stands for: dreamy and emotional, but sometimes furious guitar violence that slowly crushes your heart and soul.     


'Heavy music', Crouch does not waste more words on itself. But know that the group is two-thirds made up of members of Wiegedood and that last year, as a newly formed band, they were allowed to tour immediately with Russian Circles. As a taster, check out 'Domestice The Weak', a political song about homelessness.