GOOSE (dj-set), Amber Broos & Jeroen Delodder

De 41 uur van Studio Brussel
VIERNULVIER, Democrazy & Studio Brussel
  • Fri 26.04
    Sat 27.04
    From 23:59
    De Vooruit - Concertzaal

Goose DJ-set 
Few Belgians know what makes the country dance better than the makers of 'British Mode', 'Can't Stop Me Now' and 'Synrise'. 
For a change, the quartet from Kortrijk do it not live, but behind the turntables: it still makes you want to go all oe-oe-oe-oeeeeeh.

Amber Broos  
Look up the word 'breakthrough' in the dictionary and you'll see a picture of a broadly smiling Amber Broos. The Leuven native is back on Tomorrowland's main stage this summer, continues to present you with the best dance in 'Untz' and if you don't pay attention for two minutes, she has sold out the Waagnatie again. Amber booms!

Jeroen Delodder  
Jeroen Delodder knows all about techno, house and disco, but on the floor, the vibe is more important than the genre. He calls his sets we-time, even turns Fridays into Disco Thursdays and if it is up to him, the first night of these 41 hours will immediately become the longest.