Tsar B

support: Elias
  • Wed 20.03
    19:30 - 22:15
    Music Club Wintercircus, Gent
    Miriam Makebaplein 2

19:30 - deuren
20:15 - Elias
21:15 - Tsar B

The music of Tsar B, aka Justine Bourgeus, cannot be captured with 1 description. She bridges multiple disciplines including film, dance and fashion. She played violin with School is Cool, collaborated with Oscar and the Wolf and Nova Twins. And her music was featured in the American and Greek versions of So You Think You Can Dance. There are more than 1,000 choreographies to her songs from all over the world, many of which she collected on her Youtube channel. The most popular version is this one by choreographer Alexander Chung. She brought to life 1 of Salvador Dali's legendary cookbooks in the concert film Les Diners de Gala. And last year there was her second solo album To The Stars on which she mixes contemporary pop, electronic and classical music in an unconventional way. 

She's also into live experiments. At Videodroom she made an adaptation of Twin Peaks together with Dijf Sanders and she collaborated with Trui Amerlinck for the first time using immersive sound. At Wintercircus, she goes for the full immersive experience and reworks To The Stars into a full 360-degree experience.

'To The Stars' in 360° immersive sound

support: Elias

Elias Devoldere, renowned as a versatile Belgian drummer, has expanded his repertoire to include roles as a songwriter, composer, singer, and now producer with his solo debut album "Bloomed > Exploded." Previously associated with bands like Nordmann and Robbing Millions, his solo work marks a significant evolution.

The album, a mix of electronic and organic sounds, reflects a personal coming-of-age story through ethereal atmospheres and crisp melodies. Recorded in solitude in France, it initially leaned on electronic elements before integrating live drums and external musician contributions. The album's essence, described as "pure" by UK mixer Bruno Ellingham, captures Elias's authentic self, encapsulating his artistic growth and introspective journey.