All Senses

De Kracht van Toegankelijkheid voor de Podiumkunsten

We bring together researchers, cultural workers, artists, audiences and technology developers to share knowledge and experiences on accessibility within the performing arts. 

VIERNULVIER and OPEN, the centre of expertise for Accessible Media and Culture at the University of Antwerp, are joining forces to talk about, among other things, innovative audio description for people with visual impairments. Artists and experts are busy experimenting with alternatives that revamp the usual way of audio description and sometimes lead to a new artistic language.   

We are also focusing on new strategies around accessibility for cultural houses; so that they reach a more diverse group of artists and audiences.

This afternoon we will have discussions with Dr Louise Fryer, Karl Meesters (Rien à voir), Iris Bouche, Max Greyson, Léticia Larangé, Maarten Degezelle (NTGent), Susanne Verberk, Maya Vanpuymbroeck (Toneelhuis), Staging Access, and others.


12h-13h: Lunch and networking

13h-13h45: Keynote by Louise Fryer on integrated accessibility & audio description (English)

Louise Fryer, besides being a researcher with a background in psychology and media accessibility, is also one of the UK's most experienced audio describers. She is associated with organisations such as VocalEyes and Extant, a professional theatre group of visually impaired people. In 2022, she brought together her knowledge as a researcher, describer, consultant and teacher in the book "Integrated Access in Live Performance" on integrated accessibility in the performing arts, which she wrote with Amelia Cavallo. In this presentation Louise will reach out to inspiring examples of alternative forms of accessibility and audio description.

Artistic interlude

14:00-15.00: Debate on accessibility, audio description and artistic creation (Dutch)

Whereas accessibility used to be added to a creation separately from the creative process, artists today are increasingly actively involved in the creation and integration of audio description in their performances. In this debate, we will engage with artists to further explore the power of accessibility for artistic creation. 


15:30-16:30: Debate on user involvement in accessibility and audio description (Dutch)

Accessibility offerings have grown significantly in recent years with more attention to the diversity of users, a wide range of technological options and various audio description styles. How do we put user and audience engagement at the heart of the choices we make in this regard? In this section, we engage with users and explore interesting tensions between supply, needs and preferences.


5pm-6pm: Debate on management and organisation (Dutch)

For cultural houses, organisations and companies, accessibility poses many challenges. These may be practical, but they sometimes also require a broader reflection on the overall functioning of an institution. In this debate we  In this debate, we engage with accessibility experts and explore how accessibility, and audio description in particular, can be integrated into an organisation in a positive and creative way. 


This event is in Dutch. Only guest speaker Louise Fryer will speak English. Translation and support will be provided at all times:

  • Mobile sound amplification is available (via the Sennheiser app)
  • English and Dutch speakers will always be subtitled live in Dutch. The subtitles are visible on a screen next to the speaker. You can also follow the titles on your own phone or laptop via a link.
  • Flemish sign language interpreters are available.
  • The English interventions are also translated into spoken Dutch via an interpreter, available via the Sennheiser app.
  • Assistance is available on request (mail to

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Advisory Board

This day is  possible thanks to the indispensable contribution of an advisory board, which shaped the content of this day and actively participated in the programme.

Maarten Degezelle (NtGent)
Saartje Cauwenbergh (Staging Access) 
Joyce Vuylsteke (Staging Access)
Léticia Larangé (Symfoon)
Max Greyson (artist
Josefien Cornette (Artist)
Maya Van Puymbroeck (Toneelhuis)
Ellen Stynen (Toneelhuis)
Leni Van Goidsenhoven (University of Amsterdam)

With the support of the King Baudouin Foundation