+ Nite Kite + Jeroen Delodder
  • Thu 28.03
    Fri 29.03
    From 19:30
    Music Club Wintercircus, Gent
    Miriam Makebaplein 2

19:30 Deuren
20:15 Nite Kite
21:15 Stavroz
23:00 Jeroen Delodder

Stavroz is a Belgian band known for their unique blend of electronic and acoustic elements. IJsbrand De Wilde and Gert Beazar began as DJs, but later expanded to include Maxim Helincks and Pieter De Meester, evolving into a full-fledged live band.

They received awards at home and abroad with their acoustic, organic and cinematic approach to electronic music. Among others, Stavroz' EP "The Ginning" achieved gold in France and "Gold Town" reached the top of Beatport's "Electronic Top 100." Stavroz also features in the outstanding in-game soundtrack of Rockstar Entertainment crown jewel GTA V.

more than half a million monthly listeners on Spotify

Stavroz has a significant global following, with more than half a million monthly listeners on Spotify and international appearances at festivals such as Coachella and Fusion Festival. In 2022, they released their debut album "Mindibu," marking a milestone in their musical journey.

Support: Nite Kite

Nite Kite is the creative alter ego of multi-instrumentalist and producer Dieter Boels. The project emerged in 2019 and attempts to express the dichotomy between his busy life and need for tranquility by seeking extremes. Restless and brutal synths are contrasted with subdued ear-pleasing piano and guitar melodies.

Nite Kite's latest release "En Plein Air" saw the light of day late 2022. The EP was picked up on the Klara program 'Nachtbaders' and then again by Stavroz. All that breathed new life into Nite Kite's ambition: in 2023, Nite Kite sought the stage for the first time, where he evoked the atmosphere of the record with some like-minded musicians. 2024 will be the year of Nite Kite's first full-length album with full band.