Murdock presents X-RAY

SHAWIYA TRIBE | Murdock | SVB & Scepticz | Atmos & Blanko | Idle Days
  • Sat 23.03
    Sun 24.03
    From 23:00
    Music Club Wintercircus, Gent
    Miriam Makebaplein 2

23.30 Mycelia
01.00 Murdock
02.15 SVB & Scepticz
03.30 Atmos & Blanko
04.45 Idle Days
06.00 the end

Murdock has been behind the decks for ages, has played every possible festival and party around the globe and, of course, founded Rampage. His 2019 debut album “Stronger” hit millions of streams and tracks like Can’t Keep Me Down and Free are being sung by crowds all around the world. So it was time for his second album to drop!

His new album X-RAY represents Murdock as a dj and an artist, hitting every single box of the broad spectrum of drum&bass, and the X-RAY show will do that as well and much more. A very special dj-set that includes exclusive bootlegs, remixes and VIPs, and a mindblowing audiovisual show.

In addition to DJing, Murdock also founded Radar Records and Rampage Recordings; labels on which top artists such as SaSaSaS and Dirtyphonics release their music. This dual role as label boss gives him access to a treasure trove of exclusive tracks and artists, giving his DJ sets a unique and unmistakable stamp.

Especially for Music Club Winter Circus, Murdock is putting together a killer lineup of new talents that will grace his new compilation coming in the spring.