kRANKKk ft. guests Shaka Shams en Selah Sue

support: Cesar quinn
  • Sat 23.03
    19:30 - 22:15
    Music Club Wintercircus, Gent
    Miriam Makebaplein 2

19:30 deuren
20:15 Cesar Quinn
21:15 KRANKk feat. Guests

KRANKk - Thomas Geysen (drums), Aram Abgaryan (keys) and Willem Heylen (guitar, electronics) - found each other at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp in their shared passion for electronica. With singles like "Crazy," "Don't Forget," and "Aftermath," they gained a foothold on the Flemish scene. They gained particular attention with their collaborations with other artists, their raw sound, profound lyrics and groundbreaking live performances.

The highlight of their innovative live performances was "RESET," a multidisciplinary performance featuring music, visuals, dance, scents and immersive audio. In 2023, they came up with drum & bass on the EP 'THR33FOLD,' released on Radar Records and flanked by singles like 'The Wire' with rapper Shaka Shams and 'LAW' with Mad Hed City.

Their groundbreaking immersive audio performance at Pukkelpop and the upcoming release of the album 'Late Nights In Antwerp' in 2024, featuring features such as Selah Sue, Yann Gaudeuille and Ragga Twins, demonstrate that KRANKk are not just musicians, but equally artists who evolve and innovate. KRANKk's sound - distinctly contemporary but respectful of classics - will appeal to fans of a variety of electronic genres.

a raw sound, profound lyrics and groundbreaking live performances

Cesar Quinn won the prestigious music competition Sound Track in 2021 with their blend of indie, psychedelic post-punk and modern jazz. That same year, they also released their debut album "Opal," and are currently working on a follow-up that draws inspiration from space jazz, trip hop and ambient.

Isn't that a bit much for a young band? Make no mistake, the band members have quite a lot of mileage on the counter: for example, Frederik Daelemans worked with Meskerem Mees, Sam De Nef and Tamino, Neil Claes was involved with Ohne Francis and Lézard, Jacob Hus played with 2 Times Nothing and J3M3I and Thibault Goudket finally with Jakomo and Jennifur.