presents The Architect Of Shadows
  • Sat 16.03
    Sun 17.03
    From 23:00
    De Vooruit - Concertzaal

In the shadows under the cloak of night,
they gather, drawn by the pulse of neon light.
In hidden corners and the deep crevices,
sticky threads weave a palace of webs.
In the heart of this spectral maze,
the silent architect surveys.
Eight legs move with measured grace, orchestrating a dance in the shadowed expanse.
Unveiling mysteries in every weave, the night belongs to those who dare to perceive.
● Rikhter Live
◐ Brecc
◑ Twan
◒ Myu:sa
◓ Wannes Lenaers
Arachnid code: Let the shadows reign uninterrupted, no smartphone disturbance allowed.

Artwork by Flor De Pauw
18 +
Zero drug tolerance
Release your inner spirit animal