• Wed 17.01
    15:00 - 15:50
    Kopergietery Rabot, Gent
    Vlotstraat 22

Acrobatics with concrete

After the successful shows Plock! and murmur, Grensgeval is creating KORROL, a new circus performance for everyone aged four and above. KORROL will be the final part of the trilogy about art and creation.

In KORROL, an acrobatic architect composes space with tonnes of concrete. Jonas builds towers, the towers become a city, a desolate plain, a human being. But every time he tries to lay the last brick, his work proves unfinished. Jonas balances precariously on wobbly towers, jumps on his hands from stone to stone. But no matter what he tries, everything remains so stiff and still. Until he puts on the concrete: donning heavy shoes, he orchestrates a small ballet, in a duet with a massive ball he skims past his audience. He (re)builds up his whole body. Even when he almost collapses under the weight, Jonas just finds the freedom for a duet between toe and little finger. 

​When Jonas places his concrete head in the hands of the audience, they become co-bearers of his creation. In a world of traveling and tangible sound, they remold the world together. Result: a dazzling new circus sound theater in which the audience is immersed. With drumming blocks, a petrified acrobat and dancing concrete.

Wheelchair accessible - limited places

This performance is suited for people with a hearing impairment. 

This performance uses sound and vibrations, as well as sudden, sometimes harder sounds, adjusted to young ages.

Concept and direction: Hanne Vandersteene and Mahlu Mertens - Decor: Architect Lode De Smet Van Damme - On stage: Jonas Bolliger and Jakob Lohmann - Sound concept: Stijn Dickel (aifoon vzw) - Light design: Geert Vanoorlé - Technician: Bram Waelkens - Production & tour management: Suzanne Hendrikse - With support of (in alphabetic order): Aifoon vzw, C-Takt, Circuswerkplaats Dommelhof, Cirklabo, CirquEvolution (Fr), De Grote Post, De Vlaamse overheid, Festival Spring (Fr), Miramiro, PERPLX, Perpodium, Rotondes Luxembourg, Sabam for Culture, Stad Gent