Support: Predatory Void
  • Wed 27.03
    19:30 - 23:00
    Music Club Wintercircus, Gent
    Miriam Makebaplein 2

19:30 Doors
20:15 Predatory Void
21:30 Briqueville

Al meer dan tien jaar gehuld in duisternis: doom metal / post-punk sensatie B R I Q U E V I L L E.

On Nov. 3, 2023, B R I Q U E V I L L E dropped 'IIII' - their latest exploration into the darkest depths of the soul. The Belgian collective returns to pulsating, repetitive rhythms and piercing guitar work, alongside a more prominent vocal presence. Ethereal melodies and brooding lyrics explore the deeper, richer sonic palette first heard on 2020's 'Quelle'.

'IIII' by B R I Q U E V I L L E is imbued with an intriguing duality: in its mournful melancholy and grinding, icy orchestration lurks the faintest glimmer of hope. In "IIII," subtle tonal shifts and brief periods of warmth and richness alternate with the band's terrifying bursts of unparalleled heaviness.

Predatory Void

A supergroup from the Church of Ra entourage around Amenra: Lennart Bossu (Amenra, Oathbreaker and Living Gate) gathered around him musicians who didn't live too far away (an important reason to facilitate frequent touring). Joined with great conviction: vocalist Lina R. (Cross Bringer), bassist Kris Auman (Endlingr), guitarist Thijs De Cloedt (Cobra The Impaler, Aborted) and Vincent Verstrepen (Carnation). A little metal connoisseur knows enough.