Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast

with Geert Belpaeme / Micha Goldberg & co.
  • Tue 16.01
    08:30 - 10:00
    De Vooruit - Foyer Theaterzaal

This year's edition of Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast will gather conversations about clowning with Micha Goldberg and Geert Belpaeme. Our guests will talk about their experiences around the topic, the similarities and differences in approaches to their artistic practices and reveal sources of inspiration, from movies to books and scientific research. With a pastry and coffee in hand, we will delve deeper into the how and why of their work. 

Guests are Geert Belpaeme, Micha Goldberg, Rosmary Velasquez, Giulia Piana & Castélie Yalombo.

Moderation by Valentina Barone