Delgado Fuchs

  • Fri 19.01
    19:00 - 19:40
    De Vooruit - Domzaal
  • Sat 20.01
    20:00 - 20:40
    De Vooruit - Domzaal

A humorous search for connection

Great friendship always has something loving, exclusive, direct. An alchemy that is just as inexplicable as carnal desire. In 'DOS' two bodies become the literal territory of the relationship between them. To the sound of Erkin Koray's psychedelic hit from the 70s, a humorous search for connection unfolds. Playing with the clown figure, the full register of ambiguity is opened up.

With: Marco Delgado and Valentin Pythoud - Collaboration and production: Rosine Bey - Production: Delgado Fuchs - Association Goldtronics.