Use Knife © Paul Lamont

Benefiet voor GAZA

met Charlotte Adigéry, DAAN, Hind Eljadid, Lara Chedraoui, Samah Hijawi, Fikry El Azzouzi, Herman Brusselmans, Nadia Alhassanat, Bani Adam, Use Knife...

Benefiet voor de burgerslachtoffers in Gaza

On November 3, 2023 VIERNULVIER is organizing a benefit concert in De Vooruit's Theaterzaal. All proceeds from ticket sales will go entirely to the Emergency Fund for Gaza.

Tickets are 'Pay What You Can': you choose the amount you contribute.

Will be attendig for a music/spoken word performance: Hind Eljadid, Charlotte Adigéry, DAAN, Fikry El Azzouzi, Lara Chedraoui, Herman Brusselmans, Nadia Alhassanat en Bani Adam. Belgian-Iraqi band Use Knife will be the closing act, Samah Hijawi will host the evening.

Samah Hijawi

Our host for the evening will be the Palestinian-Jordan-Brussels artist Samah Hijawi. One of her latest projects is called 'Aesthetics of the Political', an on-going research that takes time to look at the critical language and forms of resistance in artistic works. 

Charlotte Adigéry

The undisputed queen of the Ghent pop scene of the 2020s is called Charlotte Adigéry. A status she's not likely to relinquish since 'Topical Dancer' - the acclaimed album she released last year with Bolis Pupul on DEEWEE. Her trademark: intelligent and danceable pop full of humor and social criticism.


This belpop godfather has been successfully doing his own thing for years: "cult pop-music with a rock attitude." Besides a closet full of belpop classics like 'Swedish designer drugs', 'Chemicals' (with Dead Man Ray), 'Victory' and 'Housewife', DAAN also has a spiky new album 'The Ride'.

Fikry El Azzouzi

Is a Moroccan-Flemish writer of novels, columns and plays. In 2021, he was awarded the Ultima for Literature. In doing so, the jury praised him as "the future of storytelling in Flanders." Like no other, Fikry El Azzouzi knows how to embody the ancient craft of storytelling for a 21st-century audience.

Bani Adam

Two Palestinian musicians and one Belgian musician (Alaa shublaq from Gaza , Ahmed hawwash from Jerusalem Romuald from Belgium). This Trio was formed in Gent, Belgium in 2022, the trio plays famous tunes from the East, bringing the stories to share with the audience in a very unique way. 

Lara Chedraoui

Front woman of Intergalactic Lovers, actress, DJ, storyteller, TV maker: Lara Chedraoui is it all. We are only too happy that she is willing to lend her enchanting voice and impressive stage presence to this beniefite.

Hind Eljadid

is an Antwerp-based spoken word artist and writer. With her spoken word performances, she won several awards (Van Dale spoken award, BILL award, emancipation award from VOEM, the El Hizrja literature award, ...). In 2021, she made her debut as an author with the autobiographical 'KRUIMELDIEF'. With her critical thinking, Hind Eljadid is conquering the literary world word by word.

Nadia Alhassanat  

grew up in Gaza. From an early age, she wrote poetry and short stories and eventually chose to study theater and pursue a career in the arts. 7 years ago, Nadia moved to Belgium while her family continued to live in Gaza. Since the beginning of the current conflict, she has lost several close relatives due to bombings.

Herman Brusselmans

In the early 1970s, Brusselmans was a drummer in some bands and seemed to be on his way to a professional football career. However, it became an education in Germanic philology in Ghent, followed by an extremely productive career as an author: since 1982, he has published more than 85 books. Almost 40 years after his debut, he still knows how to divide opinion in his inimitable way.

Use Knife

Use Knife is the music project of Stef Heeren, Kwinten Mordijck and Saif Al-Qaissy, in collaboration with multidisciplinary artist Youniss Ahamad. Their album 'The Shedding of Skin' was released on our own VIERNULVIER Records. Musically, they combine electronica, beats and analog synths with traditional Arabic percussion.