support: Genevieve Murphy & Andy Moor / GAME
  • Thu 29.02
    19:00 - 22:00
    Miry Concertzaal, Gent
    Biezekapelstraat 9, 9000 Gent

19:00 doors open
19:30 GAME + Geneviève Murphy
20:00 Geneviève Murphy + Andy Moor
20:40 break
21:00 Razen

A lineup including harmonium, recorder, chalumeau, hurdy-gurdy, bass clarinet and serpent is something you rarely, if ever, see,. Even as a loyal follower of a multi-faceted arts center like VIERNULVIER. So the Brussels-based ensemble Razen has definitely layed out a unique path over the past 13 years. A path that leads the listener along the classical roots of minimal and early music resolutely towards the horizon.

Razen's main asset: the unique richness of sound of a special selection of instruments. The result: intuitive, deliciously rolling landscapes on a canvas of drone. Call it hybrid psychedelic minimal or spectral early music. Best viewed on headphones with your eyes closed, or even better: in the beautiful setting of the MIRY concert hall.

deliciously rolling landscapes on a canvas of drone

Founded in 2010 as a duo of Brecht Ameel (organs and string instruments) and Kim Delcour (wind instruments), Razen has known many different guises over the years. Razen has performed all over Europe at international festivals and well-known venues, from Fylkingen in Stockholm and Berghain in Berlin to the small church of Dranouter (Belgium). Especially for this show, they bring along Ghent composer/musical jack-of-all-trades Dick van der Harst. He completes the instrument bingo with erhu, tible and - yes - tromba marina. Just google that last one in particular and you'll be hooked.

Support: Andy Moor and Genevieve Murphy

Amsterdam musicians Andy Moor and Genevieve Murphy sculpt a unique combination of songs, poetry and improvisation. Moor's improvised guitar playing irresistibly tangles with Genevieve's lyrics. Genevieve Murphy is known for her performance compositions that start from both disturbing, poetic and recognizable lyrics and visual stimuli. Andy Moor is best known in our parts as the guitarist of the cult band The Ex. Together they create gems that are as unique as they are intriguing, perfectly suited to our Ruiskamer. 


The Ghent Advanced Master Ensemble GAME consists of the musicians and composers of the MANAMA, who share a desire for dialogue, creation of new works, interdisciplinarity and discovery of the latest developments in contemporary music.
Since 2013 they have been touring in Belgium (Q-O2, SMOG, Bijloke, Vooruit,…), UK (Southhampton), Denmark (SPOR festival), Germany, Greece (Big Bang), France (Opéra de Lille) and Croatia (IZLOG festival).

Genevieve Murphy + GAME

The students of GAME collaborate with composer and performer Genevieve Murphy during a three-day workshop in the Conservatory of Ghent, focusing on the composer’s interdisciplinary artistic multitude. Together, they present the outcome of this workshop as a support act to Murphy’s soloshow in Miry Concertzaal.

Brecht Ameel: orgel, harmonium
Kim Delcour: blokfluiten, rieten
Paul Garriau: draailier
Jean-Philippe Poncin: chalumeau, basklarinet
Berlinde Deman: serpent
Dick van der Harst: erhu, tible, tromba marina