Brady Corbet

Daniel Blumberg 'GUT'

support: Poor Isa

20:00 deuren
20:30 Poor Isa
21:30 Daniel Blumberg

Hear our hearts sing for joy: the brilliant musician-artist Daniel Blumberg will present his new solo album 'GUT' in at De Vooruit.

'GUT' is a purebred back-to-basics solo album, in which Blumberg channels his unique and captivating inner world during six intense tracks that flow into each other. GUT was written during the pandemic and the title refers to the autoimmune disease he's been struggling with for the past few years.

“The record was made during a time when you weren’t meant to see people, and it was dangerous for me to see people, so it felt wrong to play with people,” he explains. “I never experienced illness in my life until then, so it was quite fascinating”

GUT became an unflinching, raw and personal piece of music performed solo in an intimate live setting. Blumberg's soaring voice takes the lead, supported by bass harmonica, Steinberger ebass, drum machine and synthesizer. 

To make the experience as intimate as possible, this will be a seated concert for a small audience, so buy your tickets soon if you want to be sure of a seat at this already legendary concert.