Anna Borodikhina

  • Wed 27.09
    20:00 - 21:00
    De Vooruit - Domzaal

Award-winning true story of separation, migration and identity

Anna Borodikhina raps, sings, plays and talks about a world where she doesn’t feel at home. The true-to-life spoken word performance ‘NIEMANDSLAND’ includes her personal story of separation and acceptance, refugees and migration, identity and invisibility. 

Anna’s mother – an ethnic Tatar – was born as the daughter of an army officer in East Berlin. Her father grew up in Soviet Kazakhstan, where Anna herself was born. When Anna was three years old, her parents fled with her to Belgium for political reasons.

‘NIEMANDSLAND’, with its authentic, hopeful message, was awarded the Antwerp Bijou prize.

"Ik wil stilstaan bij de dingen waar de meesten voor weglopen, en mensen laten dansen op mijn innerlijke melodie."

- Anna Borodikhina