Aline Breucker & Quintijn Ketels / Side-Show Side-Show

'Permit, oh permit my soul to rebel'
VIERNULVIER & Festival van de Gelijkheid

Temporary refuge for relaxed rebellion

‘Permit, oh permit my soul to rebel’ is the third part of Side-Show’s ‘Imagination Trilogy’. After ‘Wonders’ (2013) and ‘Spiegel im Spiegel’ (2017), this multidisciplinary company is deploying circus as a collective dream machine. On stage is a circle of hundreds of cushions on which audience members can take a seat. On or under the cushions, the different songs allow us to dream about the (im)possibility of things. The performance becomes a temporary refuge for relaxed rebellion.


What are circus and spectacle without the element of surprise? In an interplay of declaration and performance, ‘Permit, oh permit my soul to rebel’ explores the spectacular in the mundane and the mundane in the spectacular.

‘Permit, oh permit my soul to rebel’ is a relaxed performance. This means that the show was created with the aim of being accessible to people who prefer to go to the theatre or circus when there is a relaxed environment. Standard theatre conventions do not apply: for example, spectators are allowed to move around and react during the performance. Strong and sudden stimuli – strobes, loud noises and so on – are avoided in the production. ‘Permit, oh permit my soul to rebel’ can be followed from near or far and the doors to the auditorium remain open throughout the performance, which means it’s no problem to leave the auditorium whenever you want.