Decoratelier Jozef Wouters

'INFINI 1-19'

Spatial experimentation, radical illusion, unlimited magic

Just sets, no actors: this is how scenographer Jozef Wouters explores the possibilities and limitations of the classical theatre space. Wouters asked several artistic collaborators – from theatremakers and choreographers to writers and visual artists – what kind of scenery they would like to see depicted in the theatre today. In addition to painted backdrops (‘infinis’), modern media are also used to bring those real, virtual and imaginary spaces to the theatre: the coast of Lesbos, a city skyline from a game, an infinite palm forest, a negative space ... 

INFINI 1-19’ shows all these spaces one after the other, cranking the theatre machine up to its maximum and regularly flipping our gaze. The performance stokes the collective imagination with spatial experimentation, radical illusion and limitless magic. It premiered back in 2016 at the KVS in Brussels under the title ‘INFINI 1-15’. Since then, the work has continued to grow and evolve: a new contribution is created for each performance. For ‘INFINI 1-19’, a selection of the 19 infinis will be shown in a new constellation, made especially for De Vooruit’s Theaterzaal.

artistic direction: Jozef Wouters - dramaturgy: Jeroen Peeters - technical direction: Menno Vandevelde - with a contribution by: Thomas Bellinck, Benny Claessens, Wim Cuyvers, Begüm Erciyas, Bryana Fritz, Rimah Jabr, Sis Matthé, Anna Rispoli, Rodrigo Sobarzo, Michiel Soete, Michiel Vandevelde, Jozef Wouters, Amanda Piña - world premiere: 2016, Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Brussel, Belgium - production: Decoratelier, Damaged Goods - co-production: KVS, Kunstenfestivaldesarts - Damaged Goods is supported by the Flemisch Authorities and the Flemish Community Commission