Tot in de Stad!

Sophia Tabatadze - 'Pirimze'
  • Fri 08.12
    14:00 - 18:00
    lunch + Piloot vzw - 'PLOT'
    Kunsthal Gent, Gent
  • Fri 08.12
    Sophia Tabatadze - 'Pirimze'
    Kunsthal Gent, Gent

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Artists engage with local residents and their surroundings

‘Tot in de Stad!’ (‘See you in the city!’) is an opportunity for reflection, presentation and participation, where artists engage with local residents and their surroundings. In the afternoon, we will share various practices with each other and in the evening we will watch a movie together. 

Part I

We start at 2:00 PM with a snack and a drink, after which the Georgian Sophia Tabatadze will talk about her contribution to the book 'Tblisi, it's complicated.' This book compiles critical, artistic reflections on the recent urban and social changes in the Georgian capital, Tbilisi. The book can serve as an alternative travel guide that you can use on-site or read from a distance.

At 4:00 PM, PILOOT vzw presents 'PLOT' (40', 2023), a video of an outdoor opera at the Tondeliersite and the Rabot, and we engage in discussions with various people who contributed to 'PLOT.'

PLOT was organized by Stijn Van Dorpe, Kelly Schacht, Filip Van Dingenen, and Danielle van Zuijlen, in collaboration with pKp, Joris Blanckaert, and many people and organizations from the neighborhood.

Part II

In the evening, Sophia Tabatadze presents her documentary 'Pirimze,' about the building of the same name in the Georgian capital, Tbilisi. While this imposing building was a center of prosperity in the 1980s, it fell into disrepair in the 1990s when the Soviet Union dissolved, and Georgia gained independence. Craftsmen who used to work in Pirimze moved to smaller workshops in the surrounding district. The film showcases these workshops and their fascinating crafts. Tabatadze also visits the renovated business center Pirimze Plaza, which has replaced Pirimze. Was this transformation necessary?

After the screening, we will discuss Tabatadze's film together.

‘Tot in de Stad!’ is a network of nine partner organisations in Ghent: Kunsthal Gent, Manoeuvre, PILOOT, Jong Gewei, CAMPUSatelier, VIERNULVIER, de Koer, KASK & Conservatorium and LUCA School of Arts.