Andrew Graham

VIERNULVIER & laGeste presenteren:

Modern-day "Transformers!

‘PARADE’ is a reworking of the surrealist ballet of the same name created by Cocteau, Picasso, Satie and Massine for the renowned company Ballets Russes.

The inherent paradox of this historic avant-garde work is what inspired choreographer Andrew Graham to make this dance classic his own. The dancers of his inclusive company L’Autre Maison create a new artistic language in a kind of parallel world, where the body, in all its sensitivity and diversity, can be seen as an interface.

This is the magic of ‘PARADE’: by bringing together different vulnerabilities, histories and bodies, a joyful mix of unconventional beauty is created, where differences add to the strength of the collective. You could call it a contemporary version of ‘Transformers’!

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