Still from 'GIFT' (c) Ryusuke Hamaguchi / NEOPA Inc. x Fictive LLC

VIDEODROOM 2023: Eiko Ishibashi x Ryûsuke Hamaguchi

VIERNULVIER & Film Fest Gent
  • Wed 18.10

VIDEODROOM presents a world premiere: Japanese composer Eiko Ishibashi will play her score live to 'GIFT,' the brand new film by Japanese director Ryûsuke Hamaguchi! This is the second time the duo have worked together: previously, Ishibashi wrote the score for Hamaguchi's 'Drive My Car,' which won the Oscar for Best International Film in 2021.

Winnaar van de 2022 Discovery of the Year Award brengt exclusief nieuw filmproject


Takumi and his daughter Hana lead a modest life in a village in the middle of nature. One day Takumi receives word that there are plans to build a glamping site near his home. The discovery that wastewater will be piped into the village's water source not only causes unrest among the residents, but also affects Takumi's life.

Following Ishibashi's passage on VIDEODROOM, "GIFT" will be screened worldwide with the live score performed by Ishibashi. Remarkably, Hamaguchi's new feature film 'Evil Does Not Exist' - which premieres at the Venice Biennale on July 25 - contains the same images and storylines as 'GIFT,' but is edited completely differently - thus making for a different film.


Ryûsuke Hamaguchi is one of Japan's most notable contemporary filmmakers. He graduated from Tokyo University of Arts with the feature film 'Passion' (2008), and gained international acclaim with the five-hour (!) 'Happy Hour' (2015, Special Mention for best screenplay at Locarno) and the melodrama 'Asako I & II' (2018, in competition for a Golden Palm at Cannes). 

In 2021, he became the third Japanese director ever to receive an Oscar nomination for Best Director (for 'Drive My Car'). He failed to cash that nomination, but 'Drive My Car' did win the Oscar for Best International Film that year - not bad either. Still in 2021, Hamaguchi released "Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy," a triptych about love and chance, which won the Silver Bear in Berlin.


The renowned Japanese multi-instrumentalist and composer Eiko Ishibashi is a musical phenomenon: for years she has effortlessly combined styles and genres, from chamber pop and musique concrète to jazz improvisation, prog and noise. Her records - released on such renowned labels as Drag City, Editions Mego and Black Truffle - invariably make the year-end lists of renowned music magazines and blogs.

In 2016, Ishibashi made her debut as a film composer, with the score for the award-winning Japanese drama "Albino's Tree," directed by Masakazu Kaneko. Five years later, she wrote the score for Ryûsuke Hamaguchi's masterpiece "Drive My Car," which won the Oscar for Best International Film in 2021. Ishibashi's mesmerizing jazzy score contributed to the worldwide success of this contemplative drama. For this, she was awarded the 2022 Discovery of the Year Award at last year's World Soundtrack Awards - the prestigious film music awards that conclude Film Fest Ghent each year. 

Not surprisingly, Ishibashi is one of the prominent guests at the 2023 World Soundtrack Awards. On Oct. 21, a selection of her work will be performed live by Brussels Philharmonic conducted by Dirk Brossé.